A high-tech hula hoop? Oh yes it’s here…

A high-tech hula hoop? Oh yes it’s here…

A hula hoop is nothing but a toy hoop that can be twirled around the waist. It was originally invented in the year 1958 by Arthur K. Melin and Richard Knerr. Although, it is known long before, it was formally known as the hula hoop, Egyptian children would play with hoops made out of dried grapevines. The term hula hoop was originally propounded by British sailors who had witnessed the hula dance in the islands of Hawaii and thought there was a striking resemblance in terms of movement. Ever since, the hula hoop gained popularity amongst the general public, it has been used in all sorts of entertainment and performance platforms such as the circus.

In present times, almost every individual is familiar with hula hoops and might have had a go at it at least once in their life. There are a wide range of hula hoops available in the market today which comes in different sizes and designs. One of the premium hula hoops available today in the market is the LED hula hoop by ITL Retailer.

The High Tech Hula Hooop

ITL’s hula hoop has a diameter of 36 inches and has 24 alternating color changing LED’s. It comes with a rechargeable battery and a recharging unit. It may serve as a wonderful gift for children, as it is not like the regular toys available in the market. Therefore, it is sure to leave an impression on every child’s heart.

Some frequently asked questions related to the ITL 24 color changing LED hula hoop is what are the features which make this product different from other hula hoops available in the market? The answer to that is, when there are health benefits related to having a good time, then one can see no way in which they are heading the wrong direction. It can be used in workout sessions as well as dancing. Therefore, there is nothing disadvantageous in using this product for fitness purposes since; there are no side effects involved.

When people face discomfort due to their unhealthy lifestyles and experience pain in different parts of the body, which tend to occur in the joints mostly, they generally need to procure medicines or pay a visit to a good doctor that can help. This also requires an investment in terms of time and energy. However, if one purchases the ITL LED hula hoop, it is not only a cost effective alternative, but also a fun experience at the same time. This product is beneficial in terms of losing excess fat and achieving fitness goals. Therefore, this product not only helps in curing pain related issues, but also helps in achieving a toned physique.

Research studies say that a mere 10 minute hula hoop workout can help burn close to 200 calorie. It’s lightweight and attractive design with a colorful display of lights can prove to a memorable gift for a child, but on the contrary, can also be utilized in order to achieve health benefits.

All About Social Media

All About Social Media

Social media networks are one of the most popular websites on the internet. They create wonderful backgrounds to make relationships and exchange information. Social media websites are ideal to have fun, education, as well as for businesses. Because of the value it provides for businesses, many business firms use social media to promote and market their products.

Social media websites are great places to get the attention of your target audience. However, you can get other’s attention only through pretty and clever ideas.  You should show others that they will receive benefits by interacting with you. It is true that this is a challenging task. Whatever the target you have to fulfill through social media,it is necessary to provide information, entertainment and other types of rewards to your target market.


Social media replace the traditional community. It allows you to join with interesting groups and with their conversations without disturbing them. If you want to influence on others, you must become a part of their group. It is the secret behind the success of social media marketing.

You can personally address your target market through social media. By knowing your potential customers, you can build so close relationships with your target customers and influence them to buy your products. However, the same type of interactions is not valid for every social network. The way you should interact with LinkedIn users is not valid for Facebook users. Therefore, understand the difference between the markets on each platform and connect with them according to the nature of the platform. Building personal level relationships will help you to develop loyal customers. People like to deal with businesses they trust.

Social media help to generate web traffic. When you publish useful and interesting content, prospect customers will read them and come to your website to see more details. If they place “like” on your content, their friends and followers will also come to your social media page and will follow the same procedure.  This will make a good traffic to your website. It positively affects your SEO because backlinks are very useful for SEO. It also increases the potential income just like you have a physical store.


Branding a business online is much easier than developing a brand name in offline market. Social media websites are ideal for business branding because you always stand in front of your customers. If you can handle an error free social media marketing campaign, it is not very difficult to beat the competition. Therefore, social media marketing is a very powerful marketing method.

Handling social media profiles is not difficult. The only thing you have to do is spending some time on social networks and interacting with your potential customers.Apart from the above characteristics, social media marketing is affordable for any type of business. It also brings instant results. You can promote your business to a large customer group around the world. Real time interaction will help you to develop strong relationships with others.

This is why new e-commerce websites like Cellular Barn, who sells cellphoneaccessories online, takes a blended approach when it comes to their online marketing campaigns.  Search Engine marketing is a slow process, so they have turned to social media to help bring on brand awareness, and ultimately….sales.